There Is A World Inside The World [18 Aug 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | touched ]

There is a world inside the world that you see.
And it's okay to count the minutes 'cause how many could there be?
And if love is all around us how could this have found us?
The move you know is "Don't let go of me."
There is a world inside the world that you see.
Let's call her Halcyon and hope that she holds
'Cause every shore she's gonna touch is gonna turn to solid gold.
She and I been wishing for a change in our condition;
It's not given but it's obvious to me.
There is a world inside the world.
There is a world inside the world that you see.
I read it in Delillo like they'd written it to me.
And if love is all we're made then what am I afraid of?
Just 'cause freedom rings it doesn't mean we're free.
There is a world inside the world.
There is a world inside the world that you see.


The things she makes us do. [15 Aug 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I went out and had Thai with Li and Miss Milham...we talked and laughed.

She told us we should go to Santa Monica.

She wrote her name on a dime and handed it to Li, telling him she wanted him to throw it in the ocean.

We went.

Threw the dime.

Called Miss Milham.

It was an awesome day. I will elaborate on it tomorrow. :)


I have not updated for a few days... [15 Aug 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | hyper ]

I am learning how to drive.

Going out with Li to-day. Gunna buy a Tamagotchi because I work and have lotsa cash to spare and I can only buy little things and not a damn...


I want a violin still. I asked for one for Christmas. They'd rather me have a new car. I have a car...a nice big one...nothing can destroy it! (if the destroyer is like...a Honda)

I am on Neopets again. Alice_Pleasance. Look me up~ My Acara turned into a Maraquan Acara and I made 127k in a sale I had.

Anyone still play? I think Xella does...I saw the name in my friends.

Do ya?

Pluck'd 1 in a far-off land.

When one must force one's self to grow tired. [08 Aug 2004|01:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

Brandon called the pictures beautiful. What he meant by beautiful, I do not know. Was the style beautiful? The pose? The Veronica? Does it matter? Nope. Something was complimented and that is always a plus.

Dear Brandon, I miss sitting infront of you in civics/econ and laughing until I almost wet myself because of your hilarious personality. I hope you still have the asian porn girl I drew you. It took alot of time y'know.

Eddie: Kamehameha!

Chase is in Mountain View. He should have been home tonight but his mom decided to stay the night there. He called me from a place overlooking the pool. Thank you for calling me, principe. Even though it was a few minutes, it made my night. I told him I took pictures. I should have just waited till he was home to tell him. Oh well. He just owes me even more now. *angel puppy* 0:3

Jorge ended up coming over. He also ended up going to Andrew's, leaving me here with my hair done and my face pretty. I almost let myself cry. Too bad I didn't :) I went and took pictures for il mio principe!

Ringrazio il dio per la disposizione voi in mio percorso, il mio principe bello....

Saturday was such a long day, now..*squints at clock* today will pass quickly. I should get to bed now so I can wake up earlier just to be sure I enjoy the hours.

Goodnight, Moon Room.


Jorge. What else is there to say? [05 Aug 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

It's kind of upsetting when one of the first entries in one's newly restarted journal is a solemn one. Even though it is, I feel like putting it in here. Maybe some day he will see it. Knowing him, he probably won't. That's fine. I am used to him brushing me and that what which has to do with me off of his pretty shoulder.

Jesse Ali gave us a call this morning and asked my mother if he could come over on Sunday to try and sell some knives for a scholarship. My mother said that next Friday would work. Next Friday it is. Not too long ago Jorge sent me an instant message, had I known I was going to make an entry about it then I would have saved the conversation. I had to close it in disgust. So, he sends me an instant message saying that he might be coming over tomorrow night. I got excited and I went on to tell him about Jesse Ali calling and saying when he was coming over. After a moment of confusion Jorge was dissapointed because he was supposed to be meeting Jesse. That is the only reason he was going to come over; To meet with Jesse. I was hurt, crushed even. Here I was thinking that my brother was going to come over to actually be with his family for once. I was wrong. I told him that it was kind of sad that the only reasons he ever really comes is to be with his friends. He said his computer was messing up.

Mom: He didn't like what you said.

Even though Jesse planned a different day, he said he's still coming over because he has freetime now. Veronica gets happy and excited again. Then he adds in that Mike and Adam will be here. In other words, Jesse isn't gunna be here but he can still spend time with Mike and Adam. Veronica crashes and burns. Again, I reiterate the fact that he comes over just to see friends is sad. I ask him if he's going to stay with Mike. He says no. I have made my point. He says nothing. I say I will talk to him later and leave it at that. He signs off a few minutes after.

If only he could see how much I cry from the hurt. He does more with Anna/Marina/Hector than he has ever done with or for me. I am sick of it. I am tired of it. I could never be to him the way he is with me...but I guess I have to change, huh?

Maybe some day he will actually take the time to sit with me the way he says he wants to, but I know he never will. By the time he actually decides to put his plans into action, it may be too late.

It's like I don't have a brother.

It's sad how it's easier to find the brother figure in Ian and Li than it is to in my own brother.

It works for me. I don't mind sticking with it.

Pluck'd 2 in a far-off land.

Salutations in the first official post (?) [03 Aug 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello, Chase!


Ah~ Fresh Scent! [03 Aug 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Messing with this S2 Style and starting fresh now that I am out of hell school.

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