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My birthday is tomorrow but he'd like to think next Saturday.

The phone kept ringing this morning and I didn't want to answer it. Then after about 4 different rings, my cell phone rings and up comes Jorge's ringtone. So I answer.

Turns out, he will not be making it home for my birthday because of a Film Festival in Hollywood. He wanted me to go to work there too but it's tonight, mom and dad would have to drive me, then it's all day Saturday and Sunday. It's my birthday, come on. I don't want to work there on my birthday, maybe attend but not work...So yea. He said he would be over for sure next weekend. But the thing is, next weekend is not my birthday. Saturday is my Birthday. This Saturday.

It kind of hurts. Who would miss their siblings 18th birthday over a Film Festival? A person only turns 18 once. Li still has not gotten back to me...I left messages. Several. But that is fine. Screw that. I don't need any close friends with me to celebrate and have fun. What am I saying? I do. My life is pityful and I have a flake for an only brother. Sure, next weekend. He will probably end up saying he has to work or study or something. That's how it always turns out. I have one friend that is more of a brother to me than he is and that is Will. I am thankful for my friends I have like that. I love them.

I am crying only because when I told mom, she began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing...she was just tired. That's what hurts me, though she may never know it. My brother makes her cry over me. It's okay, mommy. You and dad are still here for me. We can go to dinner and stay at home. Thank you for putting up with me for 18 years. I love you both very much.

I guess working at a film festival is more important than your little sister's 18th birthday nowadays.

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