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Quiz I took from Jaime and Some of Today...er...Yesterday's Events

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

Ayah, that sounds about...right..? I suppose it's the only so-called group I would belong to seeing as I cannot easily classify myself as part of any one group.

I hate when things go mainstream and I hate how they went mainstream with the mainstream. =\ How depressing.

Melody is on vacation this week. I have very little to do at work since I finished about 95% of the billing. I got to be at the front desk. Just me...and the phone and...the front desk. How important is that? Very. Here is an excerpt from today:

V: "Community Therapies, this is Veronica speaking...How may I help you?"

Woman: "Uh, yes. I am looking to speak to Georgette..Jolee...uhm..."

V: "..Georgiana?"

Woman: "Uhm, Yea! That's it! She left me a message and I wanted to see if she was in."

V: "Alright. Please hold while I check for you."

Woman: "Okay."

V: "I am sorry, she is not in at the moment. Would you like me to transfer you to her voicemail?"

Woman: "Sure! That's fine!"

V: "One moment please~ Thank you, have a great day!"

Yup. How adventurous. I am in charge of SIBS all day on Wed. but as I said before, Melody is out on vacation...What am I to do?! Ah, yes. I have phonecalls to make. I love doing that. :D

Now is the time for bed.

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Awesome!! :)

I wonder if those that hung out in Milham's during lunch would get the same.