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I think I have photoallergy.

I should sue my workplace for forcing me to go to the fair in 109 degree weather.

My doctor did tell me I am not to be in direct sunlight for a prolonged amount of time.

I know, I know. I am Hispanic and all...just because I am already tan doesn't mean my skin isn't sensitive! *goes to soak in aloe gel*

I am thinking that Li, Ms. Milham and I are due for another foreign food luncheon. I want something tempura. Li promised to make it all up to me by buying me ramen at...Orochon Ramen!!!!!1111!1111oneiii I am forever hooked on Orochon located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. They give you this big massive steaming bowl of ramen and you can choose the level of spicyness: 10 being weakest, 1 being hottest. If you can eat a Special 1 or 2 in 30 min, you get your picture taken and slapped on the Orochon noodle eaters noteboard of fame!! *doot doot* Li said he would brave the special number 1 for me. C'mon folks, let's be real here. I tasted the number 3 when he got it (I had number 5 as did Alison) and I coughed. My mouth tingled for about 15 minutes after I had a chopsticks worth of noodle. I don't think he can do a Special 1. Not without shitting fire direah for the following 2 weeks.

Alot has happened. I am too lazy to log it all. Boo.

Highlights of my life so far:

  • Went to Santa Monica with Li after being convinced by June to throw the dime into the ocean during a Thai lunch. Li and I payed the bill. She swore revenge. Went to peir. Had Dippin' Dots for the first time in about 6 or 7 years and bought a pretty pink sarong. Saw Sugar Floaties for 27 bucks. Wanted them, didn't have enough. Had boba for the first time at Lollicup. Hung out at the Santa Monica promenade.

  • Went to Santa Monica again with Li and Alison this time. Went to Chinatown first, then Little Tokyo and ate at Orochon <3 then San Gabriel Chinese store of massive amounts of random awesome stuff, got boba, Li got hyper: started shooting the boba at passing cars, screamed like he was being murdered out the window and scared the old people then shouted, "VOTE NADER!!" (inside joke dealing with Alison and her shirt) whenever we passed people on the sidewalks, went to Santa Monica peir then to promenade, Had 8 dollar sushi that consisted of 4 peices: two salmon and two tuna. Had Fallafle (sp?), Watched sideshows and street performers, got stared at by the owner of the import shop through the whole visit, wandered everywhere and did everything that which is cool, headed out and wondered if Happy Six was still open. It was. Finally got Sugar Floaties, got more boba at a place called Volcano Tea and suddenly Lollicup has been favored over, headed home tired and arrived around 1:30 am.

  • Got to go to the California Science Center with brother and Ikue for the Body Worlds exhibit, was fascinated beyond words and recommends it to anyone interested in that kind of thing (though it's controversial), explained human body to Ikue and it's processes....

    Woop! Chase is calling!

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    If you want REALLY good Boba, try any location of Tapioca Express. They're god.

    However, it's possible to get decent Boba in the Palmdale area, at this place on the East Side, near Blockbuster Video and the AV Bank in Palmdale, called Fortune Panda. That and the manager's a real nice guy.