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Bloody Fingertips

I had a very Kill Bill moment today and it didn't even occur to me until after everything happened.

We are the owners of a set of infamous Cutco knives. Best knives in the galaxy and whatever else you wanna add in there. Sharpest knives on the market, as Jesse sales pitched to us when he came over to demonstrate the power of our future knives to us. I was trying to cut through a bagel but the knife kept getting jammed in the middle. I kept pushing it through until the bread finally gave way and sent the knife down with extra force...cutting a perfectly horizontal slit through the center of my fingertip. So clean, it didn't bleed for a few seconds. I dropped the stuff, looked at my finger and saw just how deep the cut was. Very deep but fine enough to be a paper cut.

The second a little blood started showing I thought, "That really is a Cutco knife."

I am weird, I know.

Gave Li a call. We made plans to go to Chinatown and Little Tokyo on Saturday so I called to verify with him and see if he talked to Brandon about it. Probably not. I will just wait till Brandon signs on.

Had Quizno's today.

...I wonder if Ian would like to join us.

I luff you, niichan Ian!

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*LUFFS on the Kill Bill moment*

I need Quizno's again. It's been too long. :(
Is your finger ok.....?...I hope you have fun on Saturday.....only you would think "wow that is a Cutco kinfe" when you were bleeding to death...you should be in a kung foo movie!!