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When one must force one's self to grow tired.

Brandon called the pictures beautiful. What he meant by beautiful, I do not know. Was the style beautiful? The pose? The Veronica? Does it matter? Nope. Something was complimented and that is always a plus.

Dear Brandon, I miss sitting infront of you in civics/econ and laughing until I almost wet myself because of your hilarious personality. I hope you still have the asian porn girl I drew you. It took alot of time y'know.

Eddie: Kamehameha!

Chase is in Mountain View. He should have been home tonight but his mom decided to stay the night there. He called me from a place overlooking the pool. Thank you for calling me, principe. Even though it was a few minutes, it made my night. I told him I took pictures. I should have just waited till he was home to tell him. Oh well. He just owes me even more now. *angel puppy* 0:3

Jorge ended up coming over. He also ended up going to Andrew's, leaving me here with my hair done and my face pretty. I almost let myself cry. Too bad I didn't :) I went and took pictures for il mio principe!

Ringrazio il dio per la disposizione voi in mio percorso, il mio principe bello....

Saturday was such a long day, now..*squints at clock* today will pass quickly. I should get to bed now so I can wake up earlier just to be sure I enjoy the hours.

Goodnight, Moon Room.

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