My birthday is tomorrow but he'd like to think next Saturday. [15 Oct 2004|11:12am]
[ mood | crushed ]

The phone kept ringing this morning and I didn't want to answer it. Then after about 4 different rings, my cell phone rings and up comes Jorge's ringtone. So I answer.

Turns out, he will not be making it home for my birthday because of a Film Festival in Hollywood. He wanted me to go to work there too but it's tonight, mom and dad would have to drive me, then it's all day Saturday and Sunday. It's my birthday, come on. I don't want to work there on my birthday, maybe attend but not work...So yea. He said he would be over for sure next weekend. But the thing is, next weekend is not my birthday. Saturday is my Birthday. This Saturday.

It kind of hurts. Who would miss their siblings 18th birthday over a Film Festival? A person only turns 18 once. Li still has not gotten back to me...I left messages. Several. But that is fine. Screw that. I don't need any close friends with me to celebrate and have fun. What am I saying? I do. My life is pityful and I have a flake for an only brother. Sure, next weekend. He will probably end up saying he has to work or study or something. That's how it always turns out. I have one friend that is more of a brother to me than he is and that is Will. I am thankful for my friends I have like that. I love them.

I am crying only because when I told mom, she began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing...she was just tired. That's what hurts me, though she may never know it. My brother makes her cry over me. It's okay, mommy. You and dad are still here for me. We can go to dinner and stay at home. Thank you for putting up with me for 18 years. I love you both very much.

I guess working at a film festival is more important than your little sister's 18th birthday nowadays.

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Quiz I took from Jaime and Some of's Events [22 Sep 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris

Ayah, that sounds about...right..? I suppose it's the only so-called group I would belong to seeing as I cannot easily classify myself as part of any one group.

I hate when things go mainstream and I hate how they went mainstream with the mainstream. =\ How depressing.

Melody is on vacation this week. I have very little to do at work since I finished about 95% of the billing. I got to be at the front desk. Just me...and the phone and...the front desk. How important is that? Very. Here is an excerpt from today:

V: "Community Therapies, this is Veronica speaking...How may I help you?"

Woman: "Uh, yes. I am looking to speak to Georgette..Jolee...uhm..."

V: "..Georgiana?"

Woman: "Uhm, Yea! That's it! She left me a message and I wanted to see if she was in."

V: "Alright. Please hold while I check for you."

Woman: "Okay."

V: "I am sorry, she is not in at the moment. Would you like me to transfer you to her voicemail?"

Woman: "Sure! That's fine!"

V: "One moment please~ Thank you, have a great day!"

Yup. How adventurous. I am in charge of SIBS all day on Wed. but as I said before, Melody is out on vacation...What am I to do?! Ah, yes. I have phonecalls to make. I love doing that. :D

Now is the time for bed.

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Meme! [19 Sep 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marrydarkanubis
flower girlthegrandcricket
best mankagiaki
you will have your last fling withchibigir
secretly wants to marry you themselflelei
date of the weddingFebruary 16, 2017
number of times you do it on your wedding night42
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[10 Sep 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Today I bought a Cheshire Cat blanket that is micro fiber and super soft.

I also purchased two Cheshire Cat floor mats for the car. It's awesome.

I got my paycheck today, obviously.

Sunday is a planned Download Los Angeles day. Li is treating me to Orochon! X3!

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About a Meme [10 Sep 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

So far, my percentage of survival possibility is higher than most of my friends that took the LJ Battle Royale meme.

Ahyuk hyuk hyuk.


For once I do this and post it. [09 Sep 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

LJ Battle Royale! by monmonito
Weapon you got:Machete
Your goal in the game:To meet new friends.
Number of students killed:6
For fun, you kill:yato
Out of a personal vendetta, you kill:flamesniper
Accidentally, you kill:jichiru
You have an alliance with:mentalxpiracy
You develop a puppy-love romance with:darkanubis
Watch out for:kagiaki
Percentage of survival possibility:: 83%
Dying words:"What is this ice-pick doing in my throat?"
Quiz created with MemeGen!

In case noone knew this, mentalxpiracy is my very close cousin. BTW, Marina: Did you get my postcard yet?

Oh, and Rhian, how could you keep such a secret?! If I were you, I would have blabbed it out a while ago. XD Congrats, you little Weasle!


Capping [08 Sep 2004|01:04am]
[ mood | geeky ]


I think I have photoallergy.

I should sue my workplace for forcing me to go to the fair in 109 degree weather.

My doctor did tell me I am not to be in direct sunlight for a prolonged amount of time.

I know, I know. I am Hispanic and all...just because I am already tan doesn't mean my skin isn't sensitive! *goes to soak in aloe gel*

I am thinking that Li, Ms. Milham and I are due for another foreign food luncheon. I want something tempura. Li promised to make it all up to me by buying me ramen at...Orochon Ramen!!!!!1111!1111oneiii I am forever hooked on Orochon located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. They give you this big massive steaming bowl of ramen and you can choose the level of spicyness: 10 being weakest, 1 being hottest. If you can eat a Special 1 or 2 in 30 min, you get your picture taken and slapped on the Orochon noodle eaters noteboard of fame!! *doot doot* Li said he would brave the special number 1 for me. C'mon folks, let's be real here. I tasted the number 3 when he got it (I had number 5 as did Alison) and I coughed. My mouth tingled for about 15 minutes after I had a chopsticks worth of noodle. I don't think he can do a Special 1. Not without shitting fire direah for the following 2 weeks.

Alot has happened. I am too lazy to log it all. Boo.

Highlights of my life so far:

  • Went to Santa Monica with Li after being convinced by June to throw the dime into the ocean during a Thai lunch. Li and I payed the bill. She swore revenge. Went to peir. Had Dippin' Dots for the first time in about 6 or 7 years and bought a pretty pink sarong. Saw Sugar Floaties for 27 bucks. Wanted them, didn't have enough. Had boba for the first time at Lollicup. Hung out at the Santa Monica promenade.

  • Went to Santa Monica again with Li and Alison this time. Went to Chinatown first, then Little Tokyo and ate at Orochon <3 then San Gabriel Chinese store of massive amounts of random awesome stuff, got boba, Li got hyper: started shooting the boba at passing cars, screamed like he was being murdered out the window and scared the old people then shouted, "VOTE NADER!!" (inside joke dealing with Alison and her shirt) whenever we passed people on the sidewalks, went to Santa Monica peir then to promenade, Had 8 dollar sushi that consisted of 4 peices: two salmon and two tuna. Had Fallafle (sp?), Watched sideshows and street performers, got stared at by the owner of the import shop through the whole visit, wandered everywhere and did everything that which is cool, headed out and wondered if Happy Six was still open. It was. Finally got Sugar Floaties, got more boba at a place called Volcano Tea and suddenly Lollicup has been favored over, headed home tired and arrived around 1:30 am.

  • Got to go to the California Science Center with brother and Ikue for the Body Worlds exhibit, was fascinated beyond words and recommends it to anyone interested in that kind of thing (though it's controversial), explained human body to Ikue and it's processes....

    Woop! Chase is calling!

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    Bloody Fingertips [19 Aug 2004|07:26pm]
    [ mood | indescribable ]

    I had a very Kill Bill moment today and it didn't even occur to me until after everything happened.

    We are the owners of a set of infamous Cutco knives. Best knives in the galaxy and whatever else you wanna add in there. Sharpest knives on the market, as Jesse sales pitched to us when he came over to demonstrate the power of our future knives to us. I was trying to cut through a bagel but the knife kept getting jammed in the middle. I kept pushing it through until the bread finally gave way and sent the knife down with extra force...cutting a perfectly horizontal slit through the center of my fingertip. So clean, it didn't bleed for a few seconds. I dropped the stuff, looked at my finger and saw just how deep the cut was. Very deep but fine enough to be a paper cut.

    The second a little blood started showing I thought, "That really is a Cutco knife."

    I am weird, I know.

    Gave Li a call. We made plans to go to Chinatown and Little Tokyo on Saturday so I called to verify with him and see if he talked to Brandon about it. Probably not. I will just wait till Brandon signs on.

    Had Quizno's today.

    ...I wonder if Ian would like to join us.

    I luff you, niichan Ian!

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